About Us

The idea behind RIFIFI started out 2018 when we attended an exhibition with artworks made out of salvaged materials. Recycled cans, plastic waste from the oceans, building leftovers, old metal toys and more turned into amazing pieces of art.

Our concept is integrating exciting art with recycling so we put together small editions very affordable and sustainable artworks to share with other art lovers on a budget.

The gallery is a handpicked selection of vintage, urban- and classical works of art we have been collecting by researching archives, from up and coming street artists around the world and classical masters. We print on environmental friendly and sustainable upcycled materials.

RIFIFI is based in Barcelona and Stockholm and do pop up events, set design, B2B projects, exhibitions and art advisory. We ship right to your doorstep for free in 21 countries across Europe - see Free Shipping for more info. RIFIFI means art heist and refers to the detective book-noir from the 50’s.

We hope you will enjoy our collection of sustainable eclectic visual curiosities!