Sustainable Materials

We print on environmental friendly and sustainable upcycled materials made out of recycled aluminium cans, plastic bottles, car parts, mechanical toys etc.


Acrylic - Plexiglass 4 mm

If you want to add a luminous extra depth effect, try acrylic plexiglass prints. The translucent, glass-like support will make the artworks look crisp and radiant, highlighting the depth of colour and the clarity of detail. It’s guaranteed to elevate the look of any room. Perfect for street- and urban artworks.


Metal - Aluminium 3 mm

Our aluminum prints have a flat, matt and satin finish that makes colors appear more vibrant. It presents a non-glare view and isn’t predisposed of being speckled by fingerprints. If you’re thinking of ordering an artwork where clarity is key, then a matte finish will suit you the best. Metal art prints will for sure bring elegance and refinement to any space. Great for classical artworks.


White Hardboard - White Forex/PVC 5 mm

Forex is a smooth, matt and weather-resistant material, thereby your forex/pvc print will stand out, both outdoor and indoor. It’s the perfect combination of vivid colours and a smooth, non-reflective satin finish. It will give your house a modern, sophisticated look and you’ll be delighted by the impeccable quality of your print for many years. Good choice for artworks with white or lighter backgrounds.


Black Hardboard - Black Forex/PVC 10 mm

For the ultimate eye-catching, razor-sharp print, you should definitely try 10 mm thick black hardboard. Despite being lightweight, this forex board is durable, shockproof, weather resistant and flame resistant. That gives you the opportunity to decorate your house, balcony or apartment in new creative ways. Art prints on forex/pvc do not blight with time and their colours last for a long time. Super material for darker artworks.