Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"
Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"
Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"
Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"
Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"
Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"

Classic Nils von Dardel "Waterfall"

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Museum masterpiece reproduction "Waterfall" by Nils von Dardel, 1921

Nils Elias Kristofer von Dardel — who signed Nils Dardel — is a post-impressionist Swedish painter. He was born on October 25, 1888 in Bettna (Södermanland, Sweden) and died in New York on May 25, 1943. He lived and worked in Paris for the most of his career in a hectic and bohemian-like lifestyle. He makes friends with a fellow Swede, Rolf de Maré, who is well-off and would later create the Ballets Suédois, for which Nils designs several sets.

He meets with other fellow artists Isaac Grünewald, Sigrid Hjärtén etc in Montmartre and becomes a student of Henri Matisse. His art vibrates with colors and tiptoes between dream and reality, in a fantasy twilight zone populated by eternally young, beautiful and fragile creatures. Very much influenced by Oscar Wilde he reinvented himself as a refined dandy, and exposed himself to ridicule due to his bisexuality and effeminate appearance.

Dardel's work Vattenfallet (or the Waterfall) sold for € 2,5 million in 2012 and was to date the most expensive modernist Swedish painting ever sold. 

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